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Slocan Valley, BC


Presently BASIS and Jhampa Shaneman are involved in the construction of a retreat house in the Slocan Valley at Winlaw, BC. 

This has taken 3 years now.  In 1999 the land was cleared.  In 2000 the concrete foundations were poured.  This year, Summer of 2001, the building was completed to lock up in 11 days of intense work.  Next summer, 2002, the drywall and finishing will be completed.  That depends on how quickly the donations are recieved.

This retreat house will be able to host up to 10 people when it is finished.  To date $14,000 has been raised, plus hours of volunteer labour.  The final product will be available for any bonifide retreat individual or group on a donation basis.  The building was constructed from donations, and so that theme will be continued.  It is important that anyone who wants to do a retreat has the availability of a place without high cost.

At this time the donations have included $10,000 in cash.  To this cash offering has been added the electrical wiring, the trusses, the metal roofing and an electrical generator.   For inside the building a stove, fridge, fans and carpets have been given.

To complete the building donations for drywall, trim, plumbing and small items are required.  Shortly a list of items with their related costs will be added.

Here are some current images from 2001

The Managers Orian and Ron                                          The work crew


The first floor                                                         The second floor

The building with the roof on                                  Our littlest crew member


View from the Slocan River, site is on ridge above 3 people, this is were we relaxed after a hard day of work
This is 20 minutes from the site.