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Buddhist Astrology Site

We are interdependent with the world around us.

This is one of the fundamental principles of Buddhism.

Jhampa has supplied Snowlion Publications with an astrology column for 12 years. He has also published "Buddhist Astrology" with the help of Jan Angel. "Buddhist Astrology" was published by Llewellyn and includes an introduction by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Jhampa utilized astrology to pick the most beneficial time to start his own three year retreat in India in 1980 (see biography) . Since then he has done charts for many people, both those who meditate seriously and those who wish to utilize Buddhist wisdom in their daily lives. Even non-Buddhists find his insights useful. The reports are presented in a positive manner highlighting your positive potential.

People have expressed appreciation of this service for over 30 years. The charts are factual, informative, and useful. They are laced with the wisdom of the Buddha and Buddhist practice. Often it is possible to tell the individual what style of practice they are best suited for, along with meditational deities from Vajrayana Buddhism.

An astrological reading is based on your western astrology chart. It is informative for everyone, although it is particularly useful for practitioners of meditation and self awareness. The chart may assist picking the right time for growth.  Being aware of the influences established at the time of birth can give insight into our lives.  Furthermore, we can add the movement of the planets in relation to the birth chart to offer insight to deal with current influences.  You can listen to Jhampa's introduction to a chart here, it is only 2 minutes long.

People often seek support in changing their lives.  Astrology offers added information to accomplish those changes. Especially if one is going to do meditational retreats or spiritual practice, it is worthwhile to utilize supportive planetary transits at those times.

After completing your order form, you will be asked for some basic information (such as your birthdate). Other than what is on that form, I do not require any personal information about you, and would prefer to keep it that way to start with. If you practice Buddhism, knowing your lineage would be beneficial.  Please also indicate areas of concern or interest when you order the chart.

Also, please keep in mind that I give each chart my full attention and create them one at a time, in the order in which they are received. As such, at times it can take up to 6 weeks for your chart request to be fulfilled.

Sound Track of Jhampa Introducing Buddhist Astrology Concepts 2 minutes


IMPORTANT: After completing your order below, you will see a link back to Buddhist Astrology. Please click on that link, as you will then be taken to the page where you can enter the information I need in order to create your chart.

 Type of Chart Quantity Price
(in U.S. Dollars)
General Full Chart

Includes a book, a printout of the chart and its interpretation (approx. 18 pages), audio commentary compiling the information on a CD or cassette or via download as an MP3 file (high-speed Internet recommended). Covers the last 20-40 years of astrological influences on your life, depending on your age, as well as the next 18 months of upcoming transits. You can choose to either receive the text via e-mail (faster and saves paper) or a printout by mail.

Select audio format:
Select written commentary delivery:


Brief Printed Chart

A commentary on your chart from the Buddhist perspective. You can choose to either receive the text via e-mail (faster and saves paper) or a printout by mail. Requires prepayment with Visa, MasterCard, or international money order.
Select delivery method:


Relationship Chart

This includes a set of two General Full Charts -- one for each individual, including two books!

Select audio format:
Select written commentary delivery:


Child's Chart

For children 15 years or younger. Includes a book, commentary, chart & 20-year transits. This is excellent for teenages as it might help them choose a career direction.


Update to an Existing Chart

Includes a solar return and the transits for the next 18 months.


Auspicious Dates

Charts for wedding dates, dates for starting new events, etc.
*Price may vary depending on the amount of time involved.



You will call Daka's Buddhist Consulting at a pre-arranged time. Just enter a 1 in the box to the right -- actual amount of time will be determined later.
**No charge will be added to your shopping cart at this time. However, please enter your credit card information when asked for payment info.

$80.00 per hour**

Online payment options include Visa/MasterCard, submitted online via a secure server, or PayPal. You may also send a personal check from a North American bank, or an International Money Order in U.S. Dollars.

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3026 5th Av.

Victoria, B.C. Canada V8T 4B7

Phone  1-250-483-7355


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